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Published 12 June 2020

This guidance has been created and provided for clients and visitors on how we will continue to operate and service our customers during this pandemic.

This policy follows government guidance on ‘Working Safely During Coronavirus (COVID-19)’ published on 11 May 2020 and all film industry bodies for additional guidance.

We have undertaken a risk assessment on 18-19 May 2020 and completed the necessary changes by 31 May 2020 prior to a limited number of employees returning back to work on 1 June 2020. Our ‘Coronavirus: Back to Work Policy’ for our staff and our Risk Assessment documents are available upon request.

This policy will be reviewed at regular intervals and is subject to change. We may depart from the policy in exceptional circumstances.

Opening hours

We are open from 8.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Friday.


Welcoming Clients & Visitors

You will be requested to register at reception as per normal practice.

You are welcome to book appointments although this is not mandatory.

We ask you to be mindful of our limitation of visitors at any one time which is currently at a maximum of 25 throughout the building. We can only allow 2 people from the same production/unit to visit us during this unique time. This requirement will be reviewed regularly and adjusted accordingly.


Managing risk

We have provided hand sanitisers at reception and throughout the building for your use.

Face masks and gloves are available at reception as well. We strongly recommend their use.

Posters in the reception area advise you on the provisions made and PPE available.

There are limited desks available for your use. Posters have been placed on each table giving guidance on precautions and safety to be adhered to. We ask you to speak to us if you want to make any adjustments.

Desk usage is limited to a maximum time of 2 hours only to allow the maximum number of customers to be able to utilise this facility as each desk is set up for only 1 person and 2mtrs apart.

Getting around the building

There is a one-way system around the building which is clearly marked on the floor.  Posters along the stairwells provide further guidance. You can always ask a member of staff which way to go.

Everyone is required to use the lift to go up and the stairs to go down.

Hand sanitiser is available in the lift.

All doors are open to avoid unnecessary touching unless specified otherwise and where fire safety takes priority.


The Coffee shop

The coffee shop is open from 8.00am until 1.30pm every day with a limited range of food and drinks. It is only possible to make a purchase using a card.  

Please be mindful to social-distance when queuing to make a purchase.


Social distancing/ 2 metre-distance

Stickers are placed along the floor to remind you to maintain a 2-metre distance from others. If you have come along with a colleague or friend, you do so at your own risk.

No groups are able to attend during the Covid-19 restrictions.

To ensure everyone’s safety no unnecessary visits are permitted.


Placing an order

In order for all orders to be processed in accordance with full safety guidelines in readiness for your collection we require a minimum 24 hours’ notice. Please note that a purchase order and payment where applicable is required prior to orders being prepared.

It will not be possible to make any last-minute adjustments to orders once they have been confirmed.


Our staff

Our staff’s safety and wellbeing is our utmost concern as is your safety so we have put a number of procedures in place.

We have put rope barriers up in front of our staff desks to ensure safe social distancing.

Our staff numbers are reduced.

We have asked all staff to take full safety precautions when coming to work, including washing their hands as soon as they arrive to work.

We have asked our staff to remain vigilant of their own wellbeing and health and of others living with them. If anyone suspects they have COVID-19 we have asked them to leave the premises immediately and seek medical advice.

We ask you to do the same. If you suspect you have it or someone in your family has it, please do not attend the premises.


Washroom use

Washroom facilities are available and now all are unisex. Please note only one person can use the washroom at a time. We have placed a ‘Vacant/Engaged’ plaque outside each washroom and ask that you use it. Paper towels are provided to dry your hands.


Warehouse and Loading Bay

Drivers are required to wait in their vehicle until instructed otherwise.

All jobs going out will be processed and packed with full safety precautions. All procedures will be followed diligently, without haste, so we request you to be patient and bear with us.

All trolleys in the Accessories department are sanitised regularly.

Cleaning facilities are available should you wish to further clean a trolley yourself prior to use.

All returned furniture items will be received and kept in a holding area for a minimum of 72 hours prior to being returned to the relevant department/company.


Cleaning our stock

The stock is cleaned regularly by our team of cleaners.


Leaving after your visit

Please can you sign out when you leave and if you have used a desk please advise us when you leave so that we may prepare it for usage by another client.


If you have any concerns we encourage you to contact a member of the management team as direct action or harassment of our staff in relation to this policy will not be tolerated.