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Image Stock Code Description Prop List
RUGS1165 230 X 160 Cream & Red Traditional Pattern Grace Rug ADD
RUGS1160 295Cm X 154Cm Red & Multi Colour Stripe/Pattern Turkish Patt Kilim with Tassles ADD
RUGS1153 300Cm X 200Cm Rioja Red Plain Rug ADD
RUGS1148 224Cm X 130Cm Dark Red Trad Patt Centre with Navy Odd Bird Border Rug ADD
RUGS1134 228Cm X 140Cm Black Dark Red Beige Traditional Pattern Naha Rug ADD
RUGS1131 307Cm X 162Cm Orange,Red & Brown Lantern Pattern Kilim ADD
RUGS1130 225Cm X 145Cm Black / Red / Beige Traditional Patt Rug ADD
RUGS1129 200Cm X 140Cm White / Green / Red Multi Stripe 'Forlev' Rug ADD
RUGS1128 186Cm X 124Cm Blue/Red/Beige Multi Floral Pattern Fringed Traditional Rug ADD
RUGS1124 240Cm X 70Cm Faded Dull Red & Gold Trad Fringed Runner ADD
RUGS1123 142Cm X 86Cm Red & Brown Diamond / Alien Pattern Rug ADD
RUGS1122 165Cm X 90Cm Thread Bare Orange & Red Chinese Pattern Rug ADD
RUGS1121 150Cm X 79Cm Red,Green And Black Traditional Pattern Rug ADD
RUGS1058 287Cm X 85Cm Red Persian Patt Beige Fringed Runner ADD
RUGS1033 104Cm X 79Cm Pink, Red with Beige Centre Diamond Pattern Rug ADD
RUGS0917 8X5 Ft Dark Red,Orange & Beige Moroccon Rug ADD
RUGS0875 Red And Beige Border 6 Sq Centre Patterned Kilim Rug ADD
RUGS0519 180Cm X 80Cm Dark Red/Beige 21 Rectangle Centre Pattern Traditional Rug ADD
Berry Red Blade Viscose Rug RUGS1168 Berry Red Blade Viscose Rug ADD
RUGS1117 240Cm X 150Cm Deep Red Iranian Patterened Navy Border Rug ADD
RUGS1116 190Cm X 100Cm Multi Colour Fringe Fadded Red Ornage Zig Zag Patt Rug ADD
RUGS1115 220Cm X 64Cm Red & Grey Diamond Patt Rust Line Fringed Runner ADD
RUGS1108 380Cm X 120Cm Red Black & Green Tie Fighter Edge Aztec Kilim ADD
RUGS1104 240Cm X 155Cm Brown Orange Red Diamond Patt Kilim Multi Colour Bobbled Edge ADD